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Research proves that good communication skills make the key difference between success and failure, accounting for 80% of success in both in career situations and personal relationships.

What’s more, one of the key traits that sets leaders and other high flyers apart from the majority of the population is their ability to communicate their thoughts in a clear and coherent manner to both single people, small groups – for example at business meetings – and even large audiences in a public arena.

And, because 75% of the population would do almost anything to avoid having to make a speech in public, being able to easily make a speech, which is crystal clear and full of conviction and impact, gives your child a huge advantage when it comes to getting ahead in life.

That is why we offer what we firmly believe is the most comprehensive program to teach youngsters from the ages of 5 – 16 how to speak in public without fear and with great verve and charisma.

This very comprehensive two year program opens with a lesson on the vital nature of verbal communication.

This is followed by three lessons each dedicated, in turn, to using the correct gestures, facial expressions and voice mastery.

One of the major barriers virtually everyone has to overcome is the fear of speaking before an audience. So we dedicate four lessons to coping with anxiety and conversing easily with your audience.


We find that, once our students have managed to overcome their fear, they find speaking to an audience actually enjoyable, giving a great boost to their self-esteem.

We then cover the important aspects of speech making such as speaking from notes and using key pictures to prompt the speaker.

Audiences love to be entertained, so the ability to craft a speech that is both informative and entertaining is a worthwhile skill to which we devote a whole lesson.

Speeches should also inform and educate your audience, so we reveal the simple techniques that can make your child’s speeches informative without being boring.

One of the key features of this public speaking program is that, in every lesson, your child will have the opportunity to address the rest of the class.

This is a gentle way to build their confidence and ready them for a larger audience. This comes when we hold a Student Showcase, when your child will be able to present a live speech at outside events.

When making speeches it is important to grab the audience’s attention and then continue to hold it. So we devote a whole lesson to four powerful attention getting techniques.

Quite often, one of the goals of effective speech making is to persuade the audience to adopt a particular point of view or take a certain course of action. So in one lesson we provide three proven powerful persuasion techniques.

In order to maintain the audience’s interest it’s often a good idea to employ props, when making a speech, so we’ve devoted a whole lesson to this important aid to compelling speech making.

#Body language is even older than spoken language and remains an important indicator whereby an audience will unconsciously discern the true intent of a speaker.

So it’s important that an effective public speaker is also a master of body language and uses it to reinforce the theme of the speech rather than contradict it.

That’s why we have devoted a total of three lessons to the effective use of body language in this second year of this two year program.

There are also several different – but equally effective – persona that can be used when delivering a compelling speech, so we have covered these in four different lessons, so there is bound to be one that your child will be comfortable with.

For a speech to be memorable, it needs to be entertaining. So one of the lessons in this quarter is devoted to planning and preparing an entertaining speech.

As a proud parent, you will have the opportunity to see your child in action making a speech at a showcase event where our students speak before a live audience.

Knowing you are in the audience makes this a real baptism of fire for your child, so you’ll be delighted to see just how well they withstand the ordeal!

We make crafting an effective speech easier than you might think because we employ various formats so your child can choose the one they are most comfortable with.

Story formats make for a compelling speech because humans are hard-wired to listen to stories, so we cover the five basic plot patterns that encompass the basis of virtually every story ever told.

Every speech needs a strong opening. So we devote a whole lesson to this important aspect.


A mistake many speakers make is talking too fast. So we cover some useful techniques to ensure your child is speaking at a comfortable and sustainable pace.

Correct breathing leading to good projection of the voice is very important at any age, so we cover this in some depth.

Next we go into the important business of planning and presenting the body of the speech.

After that the equally important art of bring the speech to a ringing conclusion is covered.

Your child then gets an opportunity to showcase their talents with another Student Showcase.

At the half-way point of the second year, over a span of four lessons, we carefully review all your child has learnt.

We then go into greater depth in regard to the body of the speech covering the four vital aspects in four important lessons.

After that, you child gets a third chance to show off their talents in the third Student Showcase.

We then cover speeches for specific occasions and events as well as acceptance speeches over two lessons.

The ethics of public speaking is another lesson, following which the distinctive styles of persuasive and informative speeches are covered.

The important business of researching the audience in advance of drafting any speech is covered as is the vital business of researching and selecting material for the speech.

Finally, your child gets the chance to ‘graduate’ with the fourth and final Student Showcase.

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