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Schools Collaboration (Tertiary, Secondary, Primary and Pre-schools – Both Local and International)

Over the years, Young Leaders School has been the main partner behind various schools spanning all across Singapore. From international schools to local schools. We provide enrichment, training, workshop, holiday camp and give talk to schools.

Being the industry expert and the leading education company in the self development field – Our programs are professionally crafted and constantly updated to fit into today’s context. However, having a good program isn’t enough if the teachers can’t deliver the desired outcome of our program. We greatly emphasis on the selection of our teachers and that trickles down to mentoring provided by our senior teachers, comprehensive training program and consistent follow up.

At Young Leaders School, we treat every partnership with great importance. We strive to deliver the very best for our future leaders.

If you have interest in collaborating, or even just an idea. Do give us a call or simply drop us an email. We will be in touch with you shortly with details and even a detailed proposal.


Corporate Collaborations

We are the vendor and partner behind various corporate training, workshops, events, road shows, family day events, holiday camp for company’s staff children etc.

We have vast experience and have delivered so many successful events for companies big and small. Simply contact us with the event specifics and even an idea that you have in mind and we will be more than happy to aid in discussions and suggestions.

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