Tomorrow’s Leaders
Are Being Created Here Today


#Take any group of students with similar top academic grades and there will generally be a select group who go well beyond the rest of their class mates, becoming the movers and shakers of society, whether political leaders, C.E.O.s of large companies or entrepreneurs developing new and exciting businesses.

So what makes the difference?

Why is it that this tiny minority can go on to achieve so much more than their fellow students?

It’s simply that the elite group of leaders and achievers have acquired the extra life skills that make a dramatic difference to the amount they achieve. It’s like bolting a rocket booster to their careers so that they go higher and further than their school friends who were not lucky enough to enjoy this extra training.

And that is what our Elite Leaders program at the young leaders school is scientifically designed to do.

#We have carefully researched all similar leadership programs, worldwide, and are completely satisfied our program is the very best one of its kind in the world to help prepare your child for a sparkling career.

The red hot core of the program is centered around the skills of leadership and its sub skills of developing charisma and the ability to communicate with crystal clarity.

An important part of any leader’s success in any field is the ability to inspire the people around them so they are happy to help them achieve their goals.

And, as you’ll gather from this brief resume of the curriculum, every aspect needed to create outstanding leaders in our Elite Leaders Program is covered.

This program is focussed on children between the ages of 5 and 16, this being the optimum age range to gain maximum benefit.

This introductory section opens with a detailed analysis of the qualities that make a leader. It then goes on to discuss the various ways a person can become a leader.

The second phase of the program deals with the vital part that character building plays in the role of a leader.

One of the key aspects of getting people on your side is the ability to quickly find common ground of agreement between the parties to cement a consensus and then move on to tackle the areas where you don’t quite see eye to eye.

This is the key skill deployed by top level diplomats and it is so important for anyone seeking to lead others that we have made it an important part of this section of the program.

#One of the little known, yet common, traits of successful leadership is the ability of the leader to view themselves as a facilitator of the group assisting the members of the group rather than simply a boss.

This is such an important part of being a successful leader that we devote a whole section of the program to this.

By the same token, demonstrating an interest and concern for their employees will pay big dividends in loyalty and so this forms an important part of the curriculum too.

Nor do we forget that the secret of success is largely due to hard work and determination, so that is a core ethos.

Having courage and confidence is a vital part of the make up of any leader and so these twin aspects are dealt with in some depth.

One of our favorite sayings is that “Winners never quit and quitters never win”, so we place great emphasis on being totally resilient in the face of adversity and in developing the ability to get back in the saddle no matter what difficulties present themselves.

One of the key attributes visible in any leader is their charisma, which goes a very long way to influencing people and getting them to act in the way the leader wants.

For that reason a whole section of the Elite Leaders Program is devoted to the important part charisma plays in a successful leader’s armory.

As your child rises up the ladder of success, they will need to manage larger and larger groups of people – every one unique in their outlook and agenda. So one of the skills we teach how to handle the dynamics within the group getting all members to readily commit to working together in collaboration to reach a well defined goal.

One of the specific skills required when managing other people is to be able to spot their individual strengths and weaknesses and use them to full advantage. So this program teaches the skills necessary to accomplish this.

#Influencing others so they willingly agree to the leader’s ideas and agenda is one of the key skills that marks out a true leader. So this program concentrates on that and the vital skill of crystal clear communication.

In fact, so important is communication, in all its forms, we devote no less that 23 separate lessons to every aspect of this vital art.

We start by teaching how to identify the needs of the leader’s followers, because it’s only when they feel their needs and wishes are being taken fully into account by the

leader that they will commit whole-heartedly to leader’s agenda.

So it is very important to create a vibrant rapport with your followers and also not to be shy to reveal the ‘real you’ because, the more human and warm a leader is perceived, the closer the relationship they will be able to form with their followers.

Nor do we ignore the wealth of valuable examples of existing great communicators. So we include plenty of examples of these and analyze why they are so effective.

There is much that can be done with effective communication to encourage excellence in a leader’s followers and this skill is taught in some depth in the Elite Leaders program.

Long before spoken languages were developed, Stone Age man used body language to communicate and determine the true intentions of other people. And this still remains the case today where a person’s body language still has an unconscious – but powerful – influence on how other people perceive you.

So, for that reason, we devote eight lessons in the Elite Leaders Program to the art of projecting positive body language. The first lesson reveals how our body language reveals our true thoughts and emotions. That’s important to know because, if your child aspires to lead others, their body language must be in tune with what they are saying, because any mis-match will give a negative impression to the listener.

Many types of body language are universally understood, so we cover these in separate lesson.

The posture of a leader speaks volumes to the other person as well has having a remarkable influence on the mindset of the leader themselves. So this aspect of body language gets a whole lesson devoted to this important subject.

It is human nature to be drawn towards someone who smiles readily and can make others laugh, because it is a sign that person is confident and in command of the situation, rather than someone who scowls and looks like they are struggling to cope.

In short a smiling person exudes an image of ‘cool’, which is attractive and reassuring. So we devote an entire lesson to this important aspect of body language.

It’s often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and it’s very true that the eyes reveal if a person is sincere or not. So a whole lesson is devoted to the signals a leader’s eyes send out.

One of the most expressive parts of the body are the hands, which is why a whole lesson is devoted to this vital part your hands play in projecting a positive body image.

Crossing the legs or folding the arms are both well known body language signals that reveal the true attitude of a person, regardless of what the are actually saying. And so, because this is an area of body language that send out easily recognized messages we devote an entire lesson to it.

The module devoted to the key business of correct body language then finishes with a review off all the important aspects. Humans are hard-wired to respond to stories, which makes them an important tool in persuasion and communication.

So a future mover and shaker needs to learn storytelling skills as early as possible so they become second nature and that is why no less than eight lessons are devoted to this important subject.

There are four elements of compelling story telling and so we devote an entire lesson to these.

#It’s also a good idea for a leader to have a fund of ready-made stories, so these are covered in another lesson, as is the ability to create an impromptu story ‘on the fly’.

A true leader should be able to create stories that engage all the listener’s senses at once, thus making them even more compelling. So this important aspect of story telling is covered in a separate lesson.

Of course, to be really convincing a story needs to be told with passion and conviction, so a further lesson is devoted to these elements.

Stories are an excellent way to build a relationship of trust with the listener, but that must be accurate. So this final lesson in the story telling module goes into the details of what to avoid and how to ensure your stories are as accurate as possible.

One of the key attributes of all successful leaders is their powerful memory and instant recall ability – particularly the names of the many influential people they will meet as they progress in their careers.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ‘train’ the memory to effortlessly recall names and other facts and figures and we devote a total of nine lessons to developing a powerful memory.

First of all there are systems for fixing names to faces – essential for a future leader to master.

We then have lessons to increase memory ability by 100%.

One of the key features of successful leaders setting them apart from the rest is the size of their vocabulary compared with average people. So we devote a whole lesson to easy ways to build a large and dynamic vocabulary that can be instantly recalled to add richness and color to your speech.

The ability to be able to quickly recall numbers and statistics is a vital attribute for a future leader. So we reveal an ingenious system, spread over four fascinating lessons that will provide your child with astonishing powers of memory and recall.

Having ‘steel-shutter’ concentration that allows the user to focus like a laser on the task in hand is a vital skill that will be of enormous benefit and so is covered in some depth.

Being able to read at lightening speed and – more importantly – comprehend the written word is an essential weapon for the mover and shaker your child aspires to be.

So the priceless skill of speed reading gets a total of eight lessons in the Elite Leaders Program.

We also reinforce the previous lesson on ‘Remembering vocabulary’ with a further lesson on enlarging your child’s vocabulary, because one of the measures of leaders is the vast extent of their vocabulary compared with regular folks.

#We also reveal a very clever system to create a ‘Knowledge File’, which allows lightening fast access to a staggering range of facts and figures.

Being creative and able to ‘think outside the box’ is a common trait of leaders and is a skill that can be developed, rather than something one is born with. So we devote seven whole lessons to this vital skill.

After all, your child might just prove to be the next Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Sir Tim Berners-Lee, British inventor of the World Wide Web.

Whatever degree of success in life your child aspires to, nothing will be achieved without a definite goal backed by a comprehensive ‘road map’ to achieve that goal.

These lessons include how to plan for creativity and brainstorming through ‘possibility thinking’ to come up with ideas for new products or methods that might, initially, seem ‘off the wall’ and yet can be turned into practical and innovative solutions for the future. We also ‘train’ your child’s brain by introducing them to the art of meditation and even play games with the serious purpose of enhancing their creativity even more.

So we have a total of 24 lessons, spread over three modules, to get your child properly equipped for massive attainment.

These include drilling down and discovering exactly WHY your child wants to achieve their particular goal, because knowing this is an important part of actually achieving it.

We also cover how to analyse what needs to be done to accomplish a specific goal to ensure that the most important step towards that goal is focused on first.

Even the most energetic and courageous person can get worn down by the relentless struggle to succeed and so we reveal little known techniques to draw upon hidden reserves of courage and energy to keep going when lesser folks would fall by the wayside.

Highly effective time management is one of the universal traits of all successful leaders. So we focus on this key skill in a whole lesson with some remarkable techniques to make every second in a leader’s day count.

Probably the most valuable trait of a leader is their success mindset. So vital is this for your child’s success, we devote two whole sections to this highly important aspect of successful leadership.

And, because even the most positive person occasionally falls prey to doubts about their ability to succeed, we devote a lesson to some highly effective techniques to banish the negative thoughts that can crop up from time to time.

Successful leaders are often faced with situations where iron control of their emotions is vital. So we have included some little known techniques to ensure your child can maintain a calm, relaxed outlook regardless of the situation they face.

Being able to maintain peak performance – every single day, rather once in a while – is vital. And this starts with showing your child how to be the best they can be and techniques to maintain peak performance, without slacking, over time.

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